Domain WHOIS Privacy and why it matters

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ICANN asks every potential website owner for personal/sensitive information like full name, phone number, address, and email address whenever they want to register a domain name. They need this information to verify your identity and after that, they will share it with the public. So, literally, any online user can use domain WHOIS lookup to get this information for free. This is not a problem if you are looking for business partners and clients, but don’t forget that spammers, identity scammers, and marketers can take advantage of this information too. But, there is a way to avoid this and it comes in the form of a privacy protection fee paid when you are registering a domain name. This will cover all your information.

So, why would someone want to do something like that? For starters, in this way you can protect your personal identity. Would you hang your phone number or personal address on your business so everyone could see it? Certainly not. Well, the same goes for your online privacy. By paying for privacy you will ensure that this sensitive info won’t get into the hands of criminals and spammers. The truth is that thousands of people are receiving junk mail, spam mail and calls and emails from telemarketers because they have left their personal information unprotected. A WHOIS protected domain name will help you prevent these spamming messages.

In addition, if you use such protection you will stay away from unwanted offers. There are many people who will try to contact you to buy your domain name, but in most cases they are scammers. If you are considering an option like that, don’t forget that you can always create a contact section on your website. There is no need to share personal information.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the many reasons why Domain WHOIS protection is a good thing. What’s great is that you can opt for such protection by registering your domain name with the help of almost any registrar. They are usually offering special deals to those who want to use this protection. Typically, you have to mark the checkbox and a small fee will be added to the total amount you have to pay for the domain registration process. This is a small investment that will definitely pay off and it doesn’t come with any downsides.


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