Domain Names Explained

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Domain names can be defined in different ways, but basically, they represent the addresses that people have to type in a web browser to load a specific website. To put it in simple words, the domain name for Yahoo is Keep in mind that every domain name is unique. You can’t find a duplicate because it’s impossible to register a domain name that already exists.

Another thing that you should know about domain names is that you can use free and paid ones. The first ones are usually offered by website builders like Weebly, Wix, Blogger, and WordPress. But, these are actually subdomains, not real domains that you can use in any way you want. So, if you want a free domain name by Blogger and you are thinking about bloggingguru your website will look like this – Subdomains represent extensions to the unique domain owned by the provider. Don’t forget that you don’t own the subdomain. Paid domains are completely yours.

If you want to buy a domain name, you can use some of the many online registrars like NameCheap or GoDaddy. When people are purchasing domain names, they should know that the fee they are paying is for a limited period. Typically, people are paying for one or two years in advance. But, it is possible to pay for up to ten years in advance. Once the registration period is finished, you have to renew the deal because otherwise you will lose the domain name and anyone can buy it and use it after that. The good thing is that registering a domain name is not expensive especially in the first year. If you want to register your domain in advance for a few years, you’ll probably get a discount too.

Another important question that deserves an answer is whether you have to register a .com domain name. To be honest, .com is the most popular domain extension. According to some statistics, every second site ends in .com. People are used to visiting a website that ends in .com. However, this extension has nothing to do with your search engine ranking or the loading speed of your website for example. So, in case you really like a certain domain and the .com version is already taken, you should consider some other extensions. Make sure that you are not registering a well-established brand because you can get into legal trouble.


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