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Domain Names Explained


Domain names can be defined in different ways, but basically, they represent the addresses that people have to type in a web browser to load a specific website. To put it in simple words, the domain name for Yahoo is www.yahoo.com. Keep in mind that every domain name is unique. You can’t find a duplicate because it’s impossible to register a domain name that already exists. Another thing that you should know about domain names is that you can use free and paid ones. The first ones are usually offered by website builders like Weebly, Wix, Blogger, and Wordpress. But, [...]

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A Guide to Domain Names


Domain names represent alphanumerical names that make finding an Internet address easier. Basically, domains come in the form of strings of numbers. We can all agree that remembering something like is more difficult than remembering domainname.com. So, domain names are here to simplify the process of finding specific websites. In order to register a domain name, you have to find a reliable domain registrar. There are two kinds of registrars – resellers and accredit registrars. According to many experts, it’s a better idea to use an accredited domain registrar for this purpose. Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands [...]

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Domain WHOIS Privacy and why it matters


ICANN asks every potential website owner for personal/sensitive information like full name, phone number, address, and email address whenever they want to register a domain name. They need this information to verify your identity and after that, they will share it with the public. So, literally, any online user can use domain WHOIS lookup to get this information for free. This is not a problem if you are looking for business partners and clients, but don’t forget that spammers, identity scammers, and marketers can take advantage of this information too. But, there is a way to avoid this and it [...]

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